Valencia is a celebration of the power, muscularity and true elegance of a thoroughbred. This particular horse was created using a multitude of horse imagery combined to create my own unique equine specimen whom I imagine to be a polo champion. The contrast of the leather saddle and dark bay coat against the vivid deep Herm├Ęs orange saddle blanket he wears was a joy to create The steely turquoise markings on the muzzle and blaze were another intentional and unique contrast of unexpected colour and individuality.
The Spanish city of Valencia inspired the title. I felt the city's original latin name "Valentia" (meaning "strength" and valour") is a perfect representation of this beautiful creature and the saddle blanket being the perfect shade of Valencia orange.
This beauty was born to turn heads. 

THE Features


Original Acrylic Painting on Duck Canvas  

Measurements: 120 x 76 x 3.5cm

Certificate of Authenticity provided 

Canvas is sold unframed

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The canvas (in daylight)

THE CREATION Of "valencia"