A celebration of friendship, conversation, connection and fine dining. Gastronomie inspired the following poem "An Exceptional Vintage":
And so, as I raise my glass in toast
I salute not the turning of the season
But you my friends
This time will never come again
Though the company seated beside us may change, the lovers come and go…we remain
Though we may laugh with suited charm in our daily routines, we will never laugh like this
Only we know the songs that play like the soundtrack of our lives
Whether the wine we pour be red or white, or the glasses we see through be rose-coloured
We will never be more ourselves than at this table
Never be less even in our most indulgent melodramas
For every mask we try is transparent here
And as we age we are never more beautiful
We are the embodiment of bold experience
…an exceptional vintage.

THE Features


Original Acrylic Painting on Duck Canvas  

Measurements: 153 x 122 x 3.5cm

Certificate of Authenticity provided 

Canvas is sold unframed 

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